Does my story

sound like yours?

I was an ambitious and adventurous woman. On paper, my life looked perfect.

A chock-full diary, a loving family, a gorgeous wardrobe and a “great” job.

But deep down I wasn't happy.
And I couldn't work out why.

I was well-respected at work. My family treated me great. My social media accounts were filled with pictures of traveling, parties, and 'the good life.' Other people would tell me I had it all.
Yet secretly, I'd think, "If you only knew."
I had a crippling lack of self-esteem. I was constantly exhausted. I could hardly put one foot in front of the other most days.
Nothing could make up for a lack of clarity, confidence, and calm.

I spent my whole life trying to be perfect.
Yet I couldn't even get that right.

A trek to the Redwood Forest
literally changed my life.

I never knew what BEING was until I walked into the Redwood Forest.
It was an awakening -- to awe, to wonder, to energy.


I was 27 years old when I first tasted magnificance.

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't supposed to be that way. It was just supposed to be a girl's trip. Being silly. Acting a little crazy. Camping with some friends.

Nothing prepared me for how breathtaking the moment truly was.

It took my breath away. As I tiptoed into the forest, I was overcome by its vastness. Each tree... Majestic.

How does something survive for this long and still be so beautiful, strong, and powerful? I touched the bark. Followed its grandness up, up, up into the sky, finding it hard to see where the tree ended and the sky began.

They were connected. They were one.

The whole experience opened something inside me I didn’t even know I had. I was allowed to just BE. There was no thinking about the rest of our trip, or where we would sleep that night; I was totally in the moment with the trees.

I felt their energy. It infused my soul. The trees gave me the feeling of protection, the sense that I was safe to just BE me right there and then.

Little did I know I was planting a seed, a path, to clear thinking, good health, and close relationships.

I teach this now, how to BE, and the impact it has on our health and leadership.

I needed this experience to open the impact that awe and wonder can have on me. When I was in my deepest, darkest moments of burnout and depression, it was that small speck of light that would save me.

I had to learn to find it again. That feeling of completely BEING. Perhaps you need to find it, too.

If we are going to save the world, sit at decision making tables, and make massive impact, we need to learn to tap into BEING so we can help others do the same. Yet are you really present... Or are you just going through the motions?

Here are 9 clues that you're on auto-pilot:

  • You Arrive At a Place or Train of Thought Without Realizing How You Got There.
  • You Aren’t Sure What You Last Ate.
  • Few Things Seem Fun Anymore.
  • Your Mind Races At Night.
  • You Struggle to Remember Details.
  • The Present is Just a Means to Get to the Future.
  • You Feel Disconnected From People.
  • Your Gadgets Have Become a Convenient Escape.
  • You Avoid Situations Where Things Could Go Wrong.

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