Become a female Changemaker

Transform the rules of your feminine leadership and leave overwhelm and burnout behind.

Do you ever feel...

  • A lack of confidence in your career and life?
  • Overwhelmed or burnt-out?
  • That your best is never enough?
  • There is never enough time?
  • Like people think you’re a joke?
  • You always have to prove yourself?
  • Blah and uninspired?
  • You constantly need to hustle and grind?
  • Unbalanced, stressed and stuck?
  • Like other people get all the accolades while you’re stuck watching from the sidelines?

Well, Female Changemaker, You Are Not Alone.

You want to feel like your inner power is turned on, yet you’re not sure how to do this… You want to make a massive impact, yet are too exhausted and overwhelmed to move forward… You know that deep down you are a powerful leader, and yet… 

Here’s a secret: There’s a whole vibrant community of women who have experienced the same challenges as you and are learning strategies to be confident, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Ready to make this your community?

Let me introduce you to the Female Changemaker Membership!

I created the Female Changemaker Membership to help you ignite and unleash your Inner Feminine Power so you are able to transform the rules of your leadership and leave overwhelm and burnout behind.

To become a Female Changemaker, you will focus on:


Embracing mindful self-leadership and self-awareness.


Unleashing your feminine energy, intuition, compassion, and connection.


Taking action with feminine Leadership.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. All that really matters is the desire to turn your inner light on and feel a real deep connection to your higher self, so you have a massive impact on others.

Whether you’ve spent years doing personal development and energy work, or you’re unfamiliar with terms like feminine energy and self-awareness, you are welcome here.

I will share resources, tools and guidance to help you unleash your feminine power and be the most amazing version of yourself you can imagine.

By connecting, and supporting each other in Female Changemakers community we can raise your vibration, bring new thought-provoking perspectives to support your leadership, renew and recalibrate your feminine power and help you to lead your life with confidence, energy, peace, and impact.

So, if you want to…

– Embody your confidence and leadership

– Stay balanced, stable and grounded

– Inspire others toward powerful action

Lead like a Woman: Soul-Centered, Inner-Powered, Kick Ass

Transform the rules of your feminine leadership and leave overwhelm and burnout behind.

$37/Month $370/Year $67/Month $670/Year $299/Month $2990/Year
Glow Radiate Illuminate
Access to all courses and future releases. (Each course is designed to build on the skills learned on the previous course.)
Soul connecting weekly live group coaching calls.
Library of guided meditations.
Exclusive directory connecting you to other like-minded high vibe people.
Active community forum where you can get your questions answered and meet some awesome people while you are at it.
Feminine Leadership Power Bundle sent to you monthly.
Feminine Leadership Mastermind.  Exclusive access to bimonthly live and interactive mastermind sessions.
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