The Female Changemakers Membership Program is a product of Inner Powered Leaders. All information, unless otherwise noted, is the exclusive property of Inner Powered Leaders and may not be shared with anyone with permission of Inner Powered Leaders.

As a member of The Female Changemakers Membership Program:

I accept full responsibility for myself. 

I realize that my success depends largely on how I conduct my life, how I think, how I feel and what I do. I am aware that blaming anything or anyone, including myself, won’t benefit my growth and success. I understand that my success in this program is solely up to me.

I know I must experiment with different ways of being, doing, having, and communicating in order to find ways that suit me best. I know that no one way will work forever so I must experiment, while at all times maintaining my integrity, to find the best ways for me. 

I realize that trying out new ways will at times feel awkward, artificial, uncomfortable, and even frightening at first. 

I agree to participate in all group sessions and support the other members of the group. I also agree to maintain confidentiality of the group.

I can financially afford the membership program cost and agree to pay that as scheduled.

The Female Changemakers Membership is not a substitute for clinical treatment of mental health conditions. If you find yourself experiencing anxiety and/or depression frequently and those feelings are debilitating or you have feelings of self-harm, seek out a qualified therapist or doctor.  Your local mental health association can provide a list of resources.