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Dr. Melanie Robinson ND

Free Resources: Read a chapter from Dr. Robinson’s book on her journey dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety as a healthcare provider.

Contact Info:élanie-Robinson-Naturopathic-Doctor/237880752963289

Instagram: drrobinson_nd

Blaise Hunter

Author and Speaker

When we feel lost in our life what should we do? Well what do we normally do when we get lost? We google maps it! We go to the map. So Blaise has created a MAPP to lead us out of the maze of life and arrive back at the Heroine Destination.

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Jennifer DAmato

Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

Free Resource: 3 minute Body Tension Release Meditation;

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Rosalyn Fung

Intuitive Mindset and Visionary Business Coach

Free Resource: Client Attraction Checklist: 11 key ways to magnetize your soulmate clients

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Candace McKim

Intuitive Teacher

Free Resource: Guided Meditation “The Magic of your INTUITION!”:

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Janet Key

Soulful Money Coach

Free Resource:

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